Anonymous asked: James tormented him for YEARS. But it doesn't count because he was a 'good guy'??? Snape put aside his happiness and instead became a spy for Dumbledore! Then was forced to kill him???????? Dumbledore was probably the only person alive he cared about.

James back then was just a teenager who grew up as a fine guy! Snape on the other hand got bitter and mean and mistreated Harry because of it! The only reason he saved Harry is because he is some part if Lily

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Anonymous asked: Snape is a piece of shit. He bullies students and is very obvious towards favoring certain ones, to the extent that he becomes Nevilles worst fear. In addition to that, all the good he did was because the man who he trusted the most told him to, and he only trusted the man because he guessed who his love was. Everything he did to save them doesn't for even a second discount all the shit he put them, and others, through

Never the less he has been brave. I agree with you for 100%

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Anonymous asked: Snap is a good guy because just because he didn't like harry and his friends, he still put them above himself. Life was pretty unfair to him, so I don't blame him for being kinda cruel. I mean the love of his life married his worst enemy, and James was a huge jerk to him, but he's labeled the bad guy? nuh uh

He disadvantaged them for years if not to say bullied. It’s not Harry’s fault Lily CHOSE for Potter. Anyway, he lost Lily after calling her a mudblood and Lily fell in love with James, gives him no right to be cruel

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Anonymous asked: Snape is selfish. Everything he did was because he couldn't accept that he didn't get lily

But after all he saved them, for Lily

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Discussion time: is Snape a good or bad guy? He mistreated Harry and his friend 6 years longs but he saves them in the end? Does that make him good?

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Snapback got stolen aka hair floating

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jomespotter asked: Once you get this, you must say state 5 things you like about yourself publicly and send to 10 of your favourite followers! Go!

Eyes, height, music taste, my sarcasm (24/7) and teeth

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when ur mom makes u go to school

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this is the most accurate representation of this scene


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