-Not my picture- never will be my picture- I forgot who’s it was- But this was taken in New York I believe- And it’s one of my favorite pictures of him ever


The new harry potter movie looks great

Anonymous asked: Really loving the ed fandom right now. Everyone is so chill, like big round of applause for us since we never mob him and he can still walk down a public street.


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Ed Sheeran + Purple suit (©david titlow)


Rupert and Ed mistaken for each other

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Anonymous asked: I'm proud you are from Belgium hahaha


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In Washington on July 1


Anonymous asked: eddiesheeran just told her followers you weren't the first ed blog?

No i got this url last year

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Anonymous asked: how do you make a new page for like selfies and the stuff you upload? sorry for bothering. :)
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Ed Sheeran - X Album (Set 2) 

Set 1

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